amanda miguel

With over 45 years of artistic career, Amanda Miguel has established herself as one of the most iconic voices in Spanish-language music. She has released 12 studio albums, selling over 15 million copies worldwide. Her talent and dedication have earned her multiple gold and platinum records, recognizing her success in sales and popularity.

Amanda Miguel began her career in the 1980s and has since captivated audiences with her powerful voice and emotional performances. Among her best-known hits are songs like “Él me mintió,” “Hagamos un trato,” and “Mi buen corazón.” Her music has transcended borders, winning over audiences across Latin America, the United States, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

With a unique voice and an imposing stage presence, Amanda Miguel has managed to reinvent herself over the years, remaining relevant in the music industry. Her repertoire covers various genres, from romantic ballads to pop and regional music, making her ideal for a wide variety of events and audiences.