banda el recodo

 Talking about LA BANDA EL RECODO DE DON CRUZ LIZARRAGA, is talking about a musical trajectory of more than 7 decades and the most significant and recognized name within the genre of band and grupera music, the mother of all bands has participated in large events around the world.

Our music, the characteristic “iuuu” for which we have been recognized around the world, the happy notes and the positive lyrics of our music have put on high the name of Mexico, Mazatlan, Sinaloa … From El Recodo .

Don Cruz began acting in popular dances as well as those of the local high society in Mazatlan in the year of 1937 , until the following year he formed his own band, which he gave the name of EL RECODO as a tribute to his little one hometown. Nobody at that time even suspected that Don Cruz Lizárraga had founded the tambora band that was going to have the greatest repercussion in the country and reach worldwide.