Edén Muñoz is a Mexican singer and songwriter, born December 25, 1990 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. He is primarily known as a member and leader of the regional Mexican music group, Caliber 50. Muñoz began his musical career at a very young age, becoming noted for his powerful and emotional voice. His unique style blends elements of norteño, corrido and banda music, creating a distinctive and captivating artistic sound. As a talented lyricist, Eden Muñoz has composed many hit songs for Caliber 50, such as “Contigo”, “Culiacán vs. Mazatlán”, “Siempre Te Voy a Querer” and “Amor Del Bueno”. His touching and sincere lyrics address varied themes such as love, nostalgia, social reality and Mexican culture. 


With Caliber 50, Edén Muñoz achieved phenomenal success, winning numerous prestigious awards and accumulating millions of views on YouTube. The group has also toured internationally, sharing its music with enthusiastic audiences in Mexico, the United States and other Latin American countries. Thanks to his remarkable talent, his powerful voice and his ability to convey authentic emotions through his music, Edén Muñoz has become a true celebrity in the world of regional Mexican music. His influence and musical legacy will continue to impact the music industry for years to come.