Luis Alonso Partida Cisneros Born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa on November 16, 1989, is the eldest of three brothers whose parents instilled in them from a very young age the value of the family and the constant desire to overcome.

For those who still do not know, the nickname of ´´El Yaki´´ goes back to his time as a child when he practiced karate-do and a partner baptized him as ´´Jackie Chan´´, a nickname that finally ended up placing him as ´´The Yaki ´´. Despite having only 24 years of age, ´´El Yaki´´ already has 10 years of experience as a singer, with the fortune of always enjoying the taste of the people who have clothed him with his love and preference.

From an early age, Luis Alfonso showed a talent for music, standing out at school for his ease of singing and performing songs of his age. In the third year of high school, he had the opportunity to enter as a singer a versatile group of the school which entertained the end of course event. Ah, “The Yaki” felt that music was his life and since then he set himself the goal of entering the field professionally. Then he began his dream of belonging to large groups such as the Banda El Recodo by Don Cruz Lizarraga, the overwhelming Banda El Limon, the Original Banda El Limon, Los Recoditos, Banda Estrella de Sinaloa, Banda La Costera, among others.

After participating in a band of alumni of the school, the talent of ´´El Yaki´´ immediately called the attention of characters who were in contact with organized music and that was how at the age of 14 he ventured into the Banda Almas de Sinaloa in which he had the opportunity to record his first album.

Subsequently, ´´El Yaki´´ integrated other bands such as Banda Vuelta del Rio, Banda Chilolos and Banda Estrellas de Sinaloa, to then jump to the big stages and fulfill one of my big dreams being one of the vocalists of La Banda The Bend of Don Cruz Lizarraga. In his four years (2008-2011) of stay with La Banda El Recodo by Don Cruz Lizarraga, ´´El Yaki´´ had the opportunity to interpret great successes as ´´I Presume´´ (chosen Song of the Year? BMI Awards, at the Monitor Latino Awards and at the Oye!) Awards, ´´I like everything from you´´ (Latin Grammy for Best Band Album), I want you to die´´ and ´´The best of all ´´. After an operation to remove a nodule in his throat in December 2011, and after more than two years of absence, ´´El Yaki´´ resumed his career now as a soloist for the benefit of his followers, who shouted for his return to the music scene.