Often hailed as “the Mexican Madonna,” charting and award-winning singer and songwriter Gloria Trevi is not only one of the most daring and cutting-edge Latin stars of all time, she’s also one of the most important. She is well-known for feminist sociopolitical lyrics that turns the tables on machismo by expressing its own desire and an always compelling, sometimes provocative stage show. In addition to her musical career, Trevi is also a sophisticated dancer, actress, television hostess, and successful entrepreneur. Four decades into her career, she remains a top-tier concert draw who sells out venues months in advance and has regularly appeared on the top rungs of the Latin charts since the 1989 single “Dr. Psiquiatra” off her debut album, Qué Hago Aqui? topped the charts. She has four number one albums — as recently as 2017, Versus, a duo set with fellow rebel Alejandra Guzman, topped the chart, with half-a-dozen more in the Top Ten and a startling array of singles that have been equally successful.