Grupo Clasificado, a prominent regional Mexican musical group, was founded in Culiacán on September 10, 2015. Led by the talented vocalist Gilberto Camacho and featuring original members like Alexis Martínez, Roman Quintero, Zenen Beltrán, and Jorge Medina, the band made a local impact in its early years, solidifying its distinctive style and gaining loyal followers.
In the sixth year of their journey, Grupo Clasificado began to transcend their local boundaries, expanding towards new audiences and opportunities. In 2023, they embarked on an international tour that allowed them to establish their career beyond the borders of Mexico.
Throughout their career, Grupo Clasificado has collaborated with a wide range of talented musicians and groups in the regional Mexican scene, including influential names like Grupo Firme, Larry Hernandez, Edgardo Nuñez, Máximo Grado, Grupo H100, and Jaziel Avilez in their hit “M.L.P.”. With nine albums released, their story is an exciting narrative of perseverance, creativity, and connection with regional Mexican music. Their legacy will endure as a testament to their passion and effort in the musical arts.