grupo control

Specializing in norteño music, Control (aka Grupo Control) are a regional Mexican group based in Houston, TX, who bill themselves as Los Reyes de la Cumbia (The Kings of Cumbia). Founded by Sergio Alberto Degollado (vocals, bass) and José Guadalupe Degollado (vocals, bajo sexto) from Control, Tamaulipas, Mexico, the group made its full-length album debut in 1999 with Cumbias Sin Control on EMI. Subsequent albums on EMI include Control (2001), Todo Bajo Control (2002), Controlandote (2003), Los Reyes de la Cumbia (2004), Lo Nuevo y Lo Mejor (2005), and Recordando a Rigo Tovar (2005), the latter a mix of new and previously released material. The group subsequently moved to the Univision label for the albums Mas Control (2005) and Controlmania (2006), which spawned a series of regional Mexican chart hits including “Ella Es una Diosa,” “Llueve Sobre Mojado,” “Viva el Amor,” and “Vuela Paloma.” Meanwhile, EMI continually repackaged the group’s back catalog for numerous greatest-hits compilations including La Historia (2003), Celebrando 15 Años (2005), Lo Basico (2005), and 30 del Recuerdo (2006). Univision did much the same, beginning with Para Ti…Nuestra Historia (2007) and Viva el Amor y Muchos Éxitos Más (2007).