Along with frequently filling venues to their maximum capacity where they perform, The Rieleros del Norte’s list of achievements also includes obtaining #1 on Billboard with the album “Siempre Imitado, Jamás Igualado” (2006), which spent nine weeks at the top of the charts, also earning a certified Gold Record by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

The name of Rieleros del Norte is also immortalized on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars, right on the Strip, next to the Paris Hotel. Step by step, the great adventure that has been their uninterrupted and exemplary 39-year career is narrated in detail with unpublished graphic documents in the book ‘Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold’ written by ‘El Chato’. Definitive and conclusive. The group, which due to its development and prestige, now has the status of a true institution, makes Norteño music because its founders are from the north.

That’s the music they carry in their hearts. They love it because it’s tradition, because it’s Mexico, and because it has allowed them to consecrate themselves, have a solid following, and achieve high sales for their recordings. The solidity of their past, present, and future emanates from the innate talent of its members, their professionalism, constancy, and experience; and above all, from that unified family attitude with which they undertake their activities, confident that their songs bring the message, lyrics, melody, and rhythm that their people identify with, those who share their joy and give them their applause, loyalty, and support.

Being pioneers and not copying anyone: that has been the only secret of success for Los Rieleros del Norte. With that mentality, they have made and will continue to make history in Norteño music for all time.