Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles is a conjuncio of beautiful young charro-suited women ages 14 to 34. They are currently making mariachi purists squirm and the rest of us cheer wildly. Mariachi is a music seeped in an ages-old male dominated profession, in which everything, from the soctumes to the instruments- to the melodies and themes- must adhere to immutable Mexican lore. Yet while Mariachi Reyna De Los Angles are tradition breakers, they are also keepers of the flames fo mariachi tradition. They are the yin to pop music’s raucus yang, the music championships of a return to romance, manners and solid values. Rarely have a group of singers been better matched to their material.

Although, Reyna’s music abounds with sweet harmony, America’s first all- female mariachi group stays true to their music and creative spirit, mixing recognized masterpieces of mariachi with some popular cover tunes,. In all, they come of more folk than rock, more old time than new age. Though many are born and bred in the United States, they continue to cast their artistic net in ever widening waters. Wherever they sing, in concert halls or conventions, in resort hotels or state fairs, in the Hollywood Bowl to their appearance in the Greek Theatre, their music celebrates the common threads that make mariachi a universal language.