For Pepe Aguilar to find a place in the world was not difficult. The balance between art and commerce came naturally in an organic way. Informed, of course, with all that means to be a singer and songwriter with global sales of over 12 million records. And, being the son of two Mexican icons: Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre.

“Being born during a tour, having studied my craft on the road has given a very particular philosophy to my career,” says Pepe with the same feeling of elegance and honesty that characterize his songs.

“My father and I shared respect for tradition, not just music,” he emphasizes.

“Family traditions, history, certain forms and ways of being that we find essential. My father’s career was a great inspiration to me. Antonio Aguilar risked everything to dignify Mexican music in countries that were not his. ”

It is not coincidentally that Pepe Aguilar speaks this way. The singer changed the course of his career with a new production that unites – in many ways – the past, present and future of Mexican music.